Describe your “connection” to the work and researchers of the DTCRSJ
My connections to the DTCRSJI comes from different people. First my friend and colleague Prof Adriaan Van Klinken told me about his appointment and the wonderful work that the centre does! Secondly, Professor Sarojini Nadar connected with me through social media! She reached out to me to ask if I was interested in this position and affiliation and I said yes!

What are your current research, teaching, and academic service projects?
Currently, I am undertaking a number of research projects:
– Religion, Gender and Sexuality in Africa with Prof Adriaan Van Klinken and Dr. Barbara Bompani
– The John Templeton/Nagel Institute sponsored projects on Grounded Theologies and African realities where I serve as a Project Advisor for projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe
– Religion and Climate Change with Joram Turasiraria sponsored project by Netherlands Research Council
– The John Templeton Mega Churches Projects 2021-2023
– My own research projects and writings on Religion and Gender

How do you plan to use your new position to enhance research, teaching, and academic service between the Centre and your networks?
I plan to use this position to support and enhance the name of the DTCRSJ! I hope to bring in my teaching and research expertise, mentorship and leadership skills, social capital, connections and collaborations to support the centre! I also plan to publish research articles and acknowledge this appointment in all my writings and conversation in a way that will continue to give more publicity to the centre.

In what way (s) do you feel your research examines the intersections of and overlaps between religion and social justice?
First, I consider myself a social justice advocate and scholar. I am driven by a strong commitment to social justice, especially gender equality and women empowerment. At the same time, my major research focus aligns itself with the main thematic areas of the Centre. In many of my works, I examine the intersections between religion, gender and sexuality, religion and economies of violence, religion and climate change, religion and the environment, religion and politics, religion and education and religion and society broadly conceptualised.

What advice can you offer post-graduate students and emerging scholars?
To get an education that grants them the intellectual skills and acumen that enables them to become agents of change. I often urge my students to pick a struggle that enables them to drive social change in their communities.

“I am so deeply honored and grateful to be part of this community of social justice scholars and practitioners. Here, I feel I am home in a very broad sense of the word. AI home that anchors my work and one that will enable me to continue to champion social justice struggles through research while at the same time being in community with fellow colleagues in the struggle. Thank you so much for this prestigious appointment.”