Research Training

The main teaching portfolio of the DTCRSJ is characterised by graduate training workshops and graduate supervision.

The Centre also offers one postgraduate and one undergraduate course in the Department of Religion and Theology. The Centre conceives of the graduate training seminars as a project in the decolonisation and democratisation of education. Through focussed thematic weekend workshops, the process of writing a PhD is demystified and the image of the stereotypically lost, stressed, and fumbling graduate student eroded. Students are equipped with the academic skills and support systems necessary to ensure that they are able to progress at a pace that is commensurate with the particularity of their projects and their commitments outside of the academy.

Postgraduate Cohort Supervision Workshop

The educational pedagogy of the Postgraduate Cohort Supervision Workshop programme is based on a ‘developmental trajectory’ in three phases:

  1. Proposal Writing Phase
  2. Data and/or Textual Production Phase
  3. Data/Textual Analysis and Writing of the Thesis Report Phase

These workshops take place over three to five days, some taking place during the day at the UWC campus and others take place during dedicated Writing Retreats.

Research News