Describe your “connection” to the work and researchers of the DTCRSJ
My connection started as a postgraduate student at the University of Pretoria, through research I got to know Professor Sarojini Nadar who at that time was at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. When I became the Rector and Principal of College of Transfiguration, the collaborations with DTCRSJ under the leadership of Prof Nadar were formalised. I have had the opportunity of being an external marker and journey/support the Masters’ students and PhD candidates.

What are your current research, teaching, and academic service projects?
I am currently registered with Cardiff University doing my LLM Canon Law. Also working on “women in leadership” research project and gender studies. My area of teaching is Practical Theology.

How do you plan to use your new position to enhance research, teaching, and academic service between the Centre and your networks?
To share my knowledge in my field of expertise. Research and co-publish. Be an ambassador for the Centre and encourage students to pursue their studies through the Center/UWC.

In what way (s) do you feel your research examines the intersections of and overlaps between religion and social justice?
Justice and “just acts” are amongst the virtues that tell people about who you are and what you believe in without saying much. It is unfortunate that in some instances religion has been used to perpetuate injustice and discrimination. I see my research exploring ways of liberating and highlighting how God the Creator in creation made us exist in harmony and mutual benefit. Not to exploit, oppress or segregate.

What advice can you offer post-graduate students and emerging scholars?
I believe that I can offer what I wish I had when I was doing my postgraduate studies, which is emotional support, mentorship, and create or point them to platforms where they can present or share their research work.

“It is a privilege to be associated with the DTCRSJ.”