Desmond Tutu: Spirituality, Social Justice and Leadership

King’s College London (KCL) and the University of the Western Cape (UWC) hosted an online colloquium, ‘Desmond Tutu: Spirituality, Social Justice and Leadership’ on 6 April […]

Religious “Software” Supporting and Maintaining the Occupation in Palestine

  On 15 June 2021, Sarojini Nadar, the Director of the Centre, moderated an international webinar that focused on the ways in which selected Christian beliefs […]

African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ACLARS)

On the 16th of May 2021, Lee Scharnick-Udemans, Senior Researcher, presented a paper at the annual conference of the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies […]

Intimate Archives: Interventions on Gender, Sexuality and Intimacy

On 12 May 2021, Megan Robertson, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Researcher, participated in a webinar series titled “Intimate Archives: Interventions on Gender, Sexuality and Intimacy” which forms […]
Rev Dr Traci West

Economies of Violence

Recognising the multiple factors which shape access to justice such as gender, religion, race and class, the Desmond Tutu Centre for Religion and Social Justice convened a public lecture on the theme of Economies of Violence with keynote speaker, Rev Dr Traci West.

Religion and Theology Reading Group

The reading group offers students and scholars the opportunity to read together and engage in a discussion that will respond to critical theoretical and empirical questions in the decolonial, feminist and trans-disciplinary study of religion in society.

Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians 5th Pan-African Conference

2 – 4 July 2019, Gaborone, Botswana

International Partnership Meeting

16-20 July 2019, Leeds University, Leeds

European Conference Of African Studies (ECAS)

11-14 June 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland